This month I only watched two TV shows. Maybe it’s because it’s summer and I left the house more, maybe I did more work this month or maybe I slept more. (It’s the last one)

But there’s one common theme in this months TV watching…

THE 80’S

I love film, tv, books set in the 80’s so very happy to find new content being made to continue my joy.

White Gold (2017, Damon Beesley)

This was… unusual. It’s about a proper Essex geezer in the 80s selling windows but not always the legal way. It’s an unusual concept, but really it’s about his family and his wife coping with him buying their love whilst he sleeps with everyone else. His co-workers lives of unhappy marriages and unfulfilled lives. Plus the main character, Vincent, breaks the fourth wall by talking to the audience with his inner monologue of justification for his dodgey dealings.

The dialogue, delivery and breaking the fourth wall works so well and is the reason I kept watching the show. However, I dislike how it ends


Vincent cheats on his wife constantly and when she finds out he breaks up with him but he manages to buy her back with a house. Having her running back to this horrible guy isn’t what I wanted to see.


Glow (2017, Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch)

I love Orange is the New Black so was excited by this new show by the creators of OITNB. It took me 3 episodes to get into the show but now I’m into it, I love it.

It’s about GLOW – Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling – but really it’s about the ladies who have joined and why they have. It’s a diverse cast of amazing women who are funny, dramatic and heartbreaking. It has great twists and really funny moments. Plus its so 80’s it hurts.


Onwards To August! Lucy.