Wonderland Has Nothing On The Underworld

Last Saturday was the last Deep Trash event at Bethnal Green’s Working Men’s Club. A night of whore-ror, performances and dick piercing?

Cuntemporary hosts Deep Trash events, they are a non-profit organisation that explores queer and feminist art through events, lectures, screenings, exhibitions and performances.  The night consists of performances, screenings and DJ’s.

Performances included two women chanting Voodoo and trying to pop balloons resulting in the whole place cheering when they burst the last balloon, Ellis D giving out tissues to wave at a very sad funeral, incredible dancing and costumes and getting to flog a man.

A man spent 3 hours getting flogged by volunteers then piercing his eyebrow, nipple and dick. To finish the performance off he then drank his own urine and spat it out. I later saw him at the bar drinking a red wine and blood trickily down his face from where he had pierced his eyebrow as if nothing had happened.

As it was Underworld themed myself and friends all went as witches, camp, spooky witches that is.

All the fashion and looks from the night were incredible, corsets, body paint, glitter, shimmer, matte and dark complete varieties of spooks making me gasp as I saw more and more.

I highly advice you to go to the next Deep Trash Event, it’s full of drag, art, music, dancing and amazing outfits. Join their FaceBook page to find out when the next Deep Trash is.