Tis The Spooky Month

This month I’ve watch all things spooky, sci-fi and the most frightening… real life.

Rellik (2017, Harry Williams and Jack Williams)

A new British BBC detective thriller trying to find a serial killer but what makes this series interesting and different is that it is told in reverse hence the name of the show is killer backwards. I think it becomes gimmicky after a while and loss interest in the plot. I do think it’s a creative and interesting concept that would of done better over three episodes instead of 6.


Rick and Morty Season 4 (2017, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland)

Another really great season with a cliffhanger ending as usual. Now I have to wait another 2 years!


Phillip K. Dick’s Electric Dream: Impossible Planet, The Commuter and Crazy Diamond (2017, David Farr, Tom Harper and Marc Munden)

My favourite of these three and favourite so far is The Commuter. I think it is communicating a new concept with the audience in the sci-fi genre. The idea of happiness and what we will do for it, it was a really great concept and is making me continue to watch this series as some episodes are familiar to other sci-fi stories. The issue is, is that Phillip K. Dick was a pioneer writer when he originally wrote these, and now so many films, TV and other books were inspired by him and so now his books seem unoriginal or told before in other ways that we aren’t seeing something new.


The Good Place Series 1 (2016, Michael Schur)

I watched this in one day, it’s so funny. The cast is fantastic and the concept is genius. The show is created by Michael Schur who has created or written some of my other favourite sitcoms: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Office US and Parks and Recreation. This show continues to bring his comedy.


Louis Theroux: Dark States (2017, Louis Theroux)

These are really interesting and scary to see what is happening, from heroine to sex trafficking in the states. Louis handles everything with intelligence and kindness, if I was there I would of wanted to help a lot people though I couldn’t actually.


Stranger Things 2 (2017, Duffer Brothers)

I was so excited for the new season and it didn’t disappoint. The character development in this season is beautiful for every character which is hard thing to do for the writers. The reletionships formed between characters were great and made me cry, the music was perfect, the humour, the horror and the acting all working to make a beautiful series that I’m excited to re-watch already.

But the main reason I loved this season was how it talked about PTSD. They took Will to a physiatrist, they listened to what he said and didn’t diss miss it. They told Joyce about mood swings, flashbacks that can seem real to Will, nightmares and the Anniversary effect. How Noah Schnapp, Will, acts at the beginning of the season is what sells it, I really saw myself in him, well my PTSD.


Beyond Stranger Things (2017, Jim Rash)

This is really great if you’re a Stranger Things fan especially hearing from the Duffer Brothers which I haven’t heard a lot of. Plus Jim Rash is amazing

Taskmaster Series 5 (2017, Andy Devonshire)

A really funny British comedy show, I know I’ll feel better at the end of each episode.


Great British Bake Off Series 8 (2017)

I’ve really enjoyed the new series, I think Sandi and Noel are really great Mother Hen duo who generally really care about the contestants. Every time Sandi cried I cried. Noel shirts were always fabulous and it’s nice to watch a reality show where people help each other and support each to do their best.


To Next Month. Lucy